3 Reasons Why We Crave Customisation

Why We Crave Customisation

3 Reasons Why We Crave Customisation

Keywords – Why We Crave Customisation

The stats are in; the UK customised gift market is worth well over £1 billion.

This prompts us to ask; why, as shoppers do we love personalised presents so much?

So, we thought we’d answer that very question here in this article.

Let’s jump in!

  1. We Want to Feel in Control

When we’re picking a gift for a loved one, we want to get it right. It stands to reason that when a website allows us to personalise presents, we feel a greater sense of direction over the quality of the product. Luxury minibus hire in Milton Keynes find bespoke products build long term relationships 

As consumers, we love that!

Even if we’re just accepting or declining the customisation options presented to us, we feel a higher degree of power over the gifts we buy. As such, we feel more intense satisfaction when we purchase these goodies!

  1. We Want to Build Strong Personal Connections

It’s only human nature to want to form close bonds with our friends, family, and in some cases, colleagues.

Therefore, we often look for ways to strengthen these connections. This is where personalised gifts come into their own.

With a customised gift you’re not just marking a special occasion or communicating your appreciation. Instead, the present becomes a symbol of your special bond that the recipient will often keep for years to come.  


You’re gifting something that shows you know what makes them unique. Whether it’s their name, their interests, their career, the relationship you have, etc., you can use this info to craft a present that shows you really care.

  1. Everyone Can Relate to Fun and Functional Gifts

Most personalised gifts are both fun and functional.  

For example, if a friend’s just got engaged, why not buy them something like a cheeseboard? However, you could get the couples names and the date they got engaged engraved into the board?

Or, if you have a friend who’s about to go travelling, why not buy a customised travel mug or passport holder that’s personalised with their name or an in-joke you share.

You get the idea!

And, if you want to get a personalised gift, we have a whole array of those available. Check our homepage for further ideas.

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