Rise of Personalisation – Away from Mass Production

rise of personalisation

Rise of Personalisation – Away from Mass Production

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Over the last couple of years, it has become increasingly common for consumers to call the shots…All hail the customer! Birmingham Accountants have found businesses who invest on small personalised details have a better return

All joking aside, in light of this shift in the consumer-retailer relationship, it’s hardly surprising to see personalised products drastically increase in popularity.

Whether it’s millennials trying to find their names on a Coca-Cola bottle or a salesperson giving away branded freebies at a conference, we all want to get our hands on top-quality personalised goods!

So, this prompted us to write a quick blog post explaining the various factors that have led to this sudden demand.

Let’s dive in.

Advances in Technology

Over the last decade, we’ve seen technology revolutionise almost beyond recognition.

Not just in terms of electronics but also how we manufacture and market products. So, what would have once been exceedingly expensive for brands to create, they’re now able to produce relatively cheaply and without much hassle.

Needless to say, customised products certainly fall into this category.

Now, this kind of merchandise is more cost-effective to produce than ever before, retailers have welcomed personalised products with open arms – and customers love it!

The Rise in Competition

These days it seems like the world and his wife are launching e-commerce stores.

As such, entrepreneurs need to up their game. The easiest way to do this is to ensure customers can get exactly what they want. So, when retailers allow shoppers to customise their products (albeit slightly), you give the consumer greater control over what they’re getting for their money.

For instance, customers love the before and after effect that comes with modifying a basic product.

Whether it’s changing the colour, adding a message or adapting the size, a commodity the customer’s had a hand in creating is way more likely to lead to a higher level of satisfaction- which is why we’ve seen customers come back for personalised goodies time and again.

So, if you would like to quench your thirst for personalisation, check our store today.

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