Love isn’t Just for Birthdays and Christmas

Gift WIthout a Reason,Gift with no Reason

Love isn’t Just for Birthdays and Christmas


Keywords – Gift WIthout a Reason – Gift with no Reason

We all love, and some of us even expect, a little something from our loved ones to celebrate our wedding anniversary or to mark the day you met. Yet, giving a gift should not only be associated with a special occasion and it doesn’t have to break your bank.

Instead, sometimes, a little something here and there brings a spark within a relationship.

The Transitions in Gift Giving

At the start of most relationships, the excitement and love you have for one another can feel as though it’s fizzing. As a result, this is a time when we are more likely to be prone to spontaneous acts of generosity. 

This generosity may translate into buying bespoke goodies or tickets to see their favourite band. 

But, do not be fooled into thinking gift-giving is entirely altruistic! 

At the beginning, we often want to impress our beau, not only with how much we like them but also how generous, thoughtful and kind we are.

However, it is easy to take each other and the relationship for granted as time moves on. This is when small acts of spontaneity in the form of gift-giving, can be a simple way to reignite that spark.

Do You Need a Reason? 

Think about when you first met, or that first kiss. Both present a gift opportunity. 

Or does there have to be a reason at all? Presenting a small (or large) token of our love ‘just because’ shows a loved one you care.  

A little gift, cooking their favourite meal, or splashing out on a weekend away can warm things up again.  Letting agents leave a welcome gift for new tenants as it goes a long way to form a relationship

Or perhaps you have had a fight? Saying sorry is important, and apologizing with a thoughtful gift can help heal emotional wounds, and strengthen the bond between you.   

Gift giving in a relationship is a powerful statement of intent. We are showing the other person we love them, we notice them, and that we care.

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